Job Opportunities

How can companies share their job opportunities?

Companies can fill up the form provided here or on the webpage. The info will then be posted on our List of Vacancies.

Do take note on some points before filling the form. (This would be stated inside the form too)

This Job Posting is an extra initiative, FOC with an objective to build better connections between students and relevant industries.

View of students from site

View of students from platform

What happens after I submit the form?

The vacancies would be then be verified and posted accordingly within 3 working days. Students would then be able to view it via student's site. You will also get a auto reply email indicating you have submitted a response.

Are there other means of sharing my vacancies?

Currently, it is also possible to join our Internship/ Career Fairs. You could also be in our company database for future contact and info, such as career fairs, talks, and other activities. Join our database and mailing list here.