Career Fairs

Upcoming Fair : 13 - 14 August 2024

Journey to Excellence

Career Fairs at TAR UMT is where students learn, explore and excel towards their future career. Every year, the Student Career Development Centre (SCDC) and the Career Guidance Society (CGS)  organizes Career Fairs for graduating students or internship seekers. Each fair is different to it's objectives. It is also open to all graduates and alumni. 

TAR UMT Hybrid Career & Internship Fair EDM

Company EDM 2024 Aug Internship Fair.pdf

【Important】Please read the EDM above before registering. Registration will open in June.

About Our Fairs

Our fairs are now geared towards the hybrid mode which includes both virtual and physical setups. That way, students can engage in comfort with added efficiency. Usually, our fairs are conducted 2-3 times a year, in our KL Main Campus or virtually. Of course, our branch campuses also organize some of their own from time to time!

Hybrid Career and Internship Fair - 'Set Sail' (April 2023)

Hybrid Internship & Career Fair - Tech Along (December 2023)

Hybrid Internship & Career Fair - Journey Junction (August 2023)

Hybrid Internship & Career Fair - Ready for Takeoff (April 2024)

How can I join TAR UMT Internship/Career Fairs?

Once we send out invitations, you may join by registering yourself via our prepared form. You may find it here in this site or emailed to you (when the registration opens). If you would want us to send suitable events to you, please join our SCDC Community. However, we may be prioritizing certain industries or companies, thus only after confirmation from us you would be able to participate in our fairs.

Not to worry as the registration would be open for at least (2) weeks.

Procedures for your reference are as follows:

Am I eligible to join TAR UMT Internship/Career Fairs? 

If you are a verified company by SSM, you may join our Internship & Career Fairs. You can also see the fair's target audience and whether your company is needing these expertise. For internships, students would need to perform job tasks which are relevant to their course. However, if you are an agency or recruitment company, do note we would be prioritizing HQ companies and internal hiring. 

What are the cost/fees? 

Depending on the fair and the packages, hybrid packages will start from RM1300 and virtual from RM500. As we want to include our branch campuses, there would not be solely physical packages available currently. Please do refer back to the EDM (Info Deck) that will be posted here 1.5 months before our fair, for final package details.

What can I know about the virtual platform? (Multiple Q&As) 

How does the platform work?

You may view the demo here - (Seeds Platform)
The virtual platform is similar to typical job platform. You can post jobs and students may view and apply. In addition, the virtual platform provide live chat, interview features where you can engage with participants.

How does learning zone / webinar work?

Webinars are conducted live where students can view on the platform itself. Webinars are usually held around 30 minutes to 1 hour per session. We may have one webinar per day (maybe more or less depending on situations).

As for learning zone, short videos are created by companies to share beneficial topics such as industry knowledge, current trends, company culture etc. Students would then view them and answer simple questions to gain points/entry for lucky draw.

*If applicable

Which students would be joining the career/internship fair? 

Depending on the semester, our fairs are geared either towards Graduating Students  or Internship Goers. Their background would be diverse, but proportioned according to the faculty size. We will provide an estimated number of students (graduates or interns) in our EDM. Students will come join if they are interested, but we'll do our best in encouraging them to be there. Do also note that although catered for graduates or interns, students from 1st or 2nd year would also join to experience and explore on their career.

① Students who are graduating after the current semester, consisting of all faculties.
② Students who would be going for their internships the next semester, consisting of selected faculties due to different timelines.

Get the full list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

If you're interested, do join our SCDC Community and we would send you an invitation if you're suitable for any event/activities. You can also browse through our sites for any new information.

Any matters related to career/internship fairs, please email to